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adina1987 Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "adina1987" journal:

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March 15th, 2007
02:13 am


Hey everyone,

So I have a job interview tomorrow morning with a company called The Design Firm, www.thedesignfirm.com an Interior Decorating company. They need an artist to draw floor plan sketches, and they really want me :) Yay. So we'll see what happens with that. In other news, I'm going to Israel in May for my husbands & my friends wedding. I'm really excited... we may stop over in Ireland and visit my family, it just depends on how much the tickets come to. As it is, Israel is going to be around 1k per person - but I hear flying from Israel to Europe is pretty cheap.

My grandmother (dad's mom) is in the hospital right now :( they are 50% sure she had a heart attack, but aren't positive yet.

Alittle History: For most of you who don't know this about me, I grew up on a farm in Canada. My dad is the youngest of 5 children, of which the oldest child Paul, inherited my grandfathers farm land, horses, cattle, and tons more animals. 144 acres to be exact. After retirement, my grandparents gave the farm to their oldest child, and continued to live on the farm in my uncles "mansion" that he built. I grew up across the street in a house my dad had built, with all my cousins who all lived in the same city. Everyone knows the St. Amands in Sudbury, Ontario. We practically make up 60% of the city, or at least used to back then.

So my grandmother is very dear to me. "I used to call her My Size Grandma" when I was as tall as her. She took care of me many times. I'm her youngest granddaughter. She has plenty of great granchildren, and even 5th generation now - great GREAT grandchildren, but I was her baby. She really did take care of me and I love her so much. She's the textbook version of granny - except she's french and has a very heavy accent, it's difficult to understand her. She would take me places and buy me things, and always cheered me up when I was sad. She sang me lots of songs that I still have stuck in my head to this day. She's very sick now. My dad told me she's been very sick for the past month or two with a cold, lot's of coughing and water getting into her lungs. One of my cousins in Canada who's around my age, AJ, told me today that she would have died if my uncle Paul (the oldest of her 5 children) hadn't come when he did. He was training his horses outside in the field, and came inside for lunch and my grandmother was passed out on the floor unable to breath. She's in her mid 80's to 90's now, so this was very serious. My grandfather, unsure of what to do was just kind of panicking. He's also very old, and uneducated. My uncle then called his younger sister, my auntie Lise, to come over and get my grandmother to the hospital - they called 911, and the ambulance came and had a very difficult time resuscitating her, but finally were able to and brought her to the hospital. She is now sedated, and has a breathing tube inserted into her since she is unable to breath on her own. She is on a medicine to clear the fluid from her lungs, and we all have hopes that she will pull through to live a few more years with us here on earth. This is the most up to date news for now, everyone please pray for her. She is the sweetest lady ever, and very dear to my heart. I pray that she makes it through, and if she doesn't, I pray that all of her dreams in life were fulfilled and that she goes happy and content, amen.

That's all for now,

Current Location: my bedroom
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: I'll wait for you - Joe Nichols

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February 15th, 2007
08:44 am


I'm in Philadelphia!! Wow.

Going to New york on Sunday for Yoel's wedding. Gonna go skate at Rockafeller park HEHE.

Times square will be awesome.

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January 29th, 2007
12:26 am


So, I want to see if anyone reads this. You all have 15 days to reply to my posting and if no one replies, I will no longer come on livejournal! This is your chance to get rid of me!!! lol.

Here it goes

Day 1.

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January 5th, 2007
05:33 pm


lol this is hilarious.. I found a really goofy picture of my nephew, and I saw this website and wanted to see what kind of results would be pulled up.. lol have a laugh!


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December 8th, 2006
02:29 am


I'm really bored. Started to play WoW again with Zev. I am a Warlock person and I can summon Imps!! But in WoW you can't have relations with the things you summon 'umpa lumpa doopity doo' haha, yea, only some people will get that..for all others just ignore it. Anyway, other then that we're looking into buying a Toyota Prius. Really good car, 60 miles to the gallon because its a hybrid hehe. We are going to buy used, like maybe a 2004 model for 15k. We'll see what happens. My car isn't going to last much longer unless someone has the money to put into it to fix it, and we'd rather spend the money on a newer car rather than waste money into that old thing. It's the perfect car for someone who's in highschool and just needs a ride, but not a car for someone whos going to start a family etc. It's too small for us. Anyone need it? $3500 and it's yours! lol.

Anyway, gotta go to bed now. Work tomorrow, eck.
Goodnight everyone,

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November 28th, 2006
07:57 pm


Happy Feet
Going to see Happy Feet tonight at the movie theater. IMAX!!!

Does anyone read this?


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November 25th, 2006
09:48 pm


I love babies!
I want to have a baby!!! I keep seeing little babies everywhere and they are sooo cute and I want one! So does Zev! Yay!

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November 18th, 2006
01:45 am


Are you really Jewish?
Deuteronomy 7:3-4 says the following:

Do not intermarry. Do not give your (the Israelite) daughter for his (the non Jew) son, do not take his (the non Jew) daughter for your (the Israelite) son, for he (the non Jew) will turn your (the Israelite) son away from following Me, and they (your son and his(the non Jew) daughter) will worship the gods of others.

In order to explain this passage, I've made a diagram and "kid like" explanation of what this passage means.
I would like feedback. Note: All names used in diagram are made up just for the example.

(Diagram Explanation: First, according to Deut. 7:3-4 the prohibtion is for the Israelite NOT to give his daughter to the Non Jew. So we see that Esther doesn't listen to her Israelite parents (and God), and goes to marry Joe . The second is for the Israelite to not take the Non Jews daughter for the Jewish mans son. So we see that Binyomin doesnt listen to his parents or God and takes Susan the non Jew to be his wife.)

Put this scenario to the diagram:

Ok, well this sucks because your Jewish daughter Esther goes off the derech and marries Joe, from the non-Jewish family. HaShem says "Don't give your daughter to his son" well, oops, you did! You just violated the negative commandment of intermarriage because your Jewish daughter married a non-Jew. Too bad for you, because now she's under Joe's control and now their children and his offspring will no longer be Jewish.

Oh great, now you're Jewish son Binyomin wants to marry Susan from the non Jewish family. Now you have to take her into your care and she will come into a Jewish family. But HaShem says ", and do not take his daughter for your son, for he will turn your son away from Me, and they will worship the gods of others." So Bob, Susan's non Jewish father, will sway your son Binyomin and his daughter Susan away from the one true God? HaShem DOESNT say that Bob will sway Esther and Joe away from the one true God, why is that?

Ah, well we see that when Esther marries the non Jew, Joe, there is no point in mentioning that Bob till turn Esther away from the one true God because according to HaShem, once Esther marries Joe, she is already turned away from God. This does NOT say anything about their children though. Will Esther and Joe's children be Jewish? Or not Jewish? Does it even answer this? We conclude that HaShem did NOT mention that Bob will sway Esther and Joe away from the one true God because Esther CHOSE to sway herself away from the one true God just by marrying Joe and defying the law of intermarriage.

When we look at Binyomin and Susan's law-breaking scenario though, Binyomin is already following the one true God, and takes Susan to be his wife. This gives Susan's father Bob a chance to sway Binyomin and Susan!! What will Elisheva and Mordechai do!?!? Oh no! HaShem SPECIFICALLY says NOT to take his daughter for your son BECAUSE HE, the almighty, is trying to safeguard Binyomin from letting Bob (Susan's father) sway them to worshipping false gods.

You see in Esther and Joe's situation, there is no help for them. Esther has already committed 2 crimes - 1. She will follow her husband and go towards his ways, worshipping other gods so there is no need for HaShem to say anything more than "do not intermarry" beacuse the next outcome is already happening. But there is still a chance for Binyomin and Susan, they may have committed a crime of intermarrying, but there is a chance that since Susan is marrying a Jew that she too will want to worship the One True God, but not if Bob has anything to do with it!!

So...where does Rashi get a grandchild from? I think Rashi was trying to use circular reasoning to cover up the fact that this statement was never to mean anything about the grandchildren!! Does this verse in the Torah even relate to matrilineal or patrilineal descent? So..where in the Torah does it state that Jewish descent comes from your mother? According to every Rabbi we've asked.. nowhere!!! Scary, isn't it? Even in the Talmud itself, the only place where it talks about matrilineal vs. patrilineal is Rashi's reasoning, which we've just proven wrong!!!! Wow.. so this means that both the Torah, AND the Talmud both have no valid statement about whether the Jewish lineage is passed through the mother. This leaves only one more option... Jewish lineage according to the REST of the Torah (excluding the Deuteronomy 7:3-4 statement) is passed through the father!! "to your offspring I give this land" "our forefathers" (not our "foremothers") etc.!!!! Do you know that this means that all Jewish roots are lost, and the only people who truly know they are Jews to this day are the Kohanim and Levim because they are the only ones who have traced their Jewish lineage through their fathers!!! WOW.

Just to be sure we were translating the verse correctly according to the Hebrew, we tricked a non-religious Israeli into reading ONLY Deut. 7:3-4 and translating to the best of their knowledge what "ki yaseer et beencha" means, and he verified that it DEFINITELY does not talk about the grandchildren like Rashi points it. The only thing Deut. 7:3-4 states is that its a negative commandement against intermarriage and nothing more.


This just in:

The end.

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November 17th, 2006
11:55 pm


When I go to my friends page, it only shows the most recent 5 blogs. There used to be a thing that said "previous".. i dont see it anymore. What should I do?

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November 16th, 2006
10:45 am


this is another important post by my brilliant husband:

Dogma, Science, and Judaism

The following is a post I composed tonight in 6 hours straight of research and writing. It was much more than I set out to do, and helped concretize many of my thoughts on these subjects over the last several weeks. Enjoy.

Warren Zev Harvey writes, "The study of the physical universe, according to Crescas, does not yield a valid proof for the existence of G-d." (Physics and Metaphysics in Hasdai Crescas, p. 60)

In order to explain this proposition in stark contrast to Maimonidean thinking, Crescas cites the same midrash that Maimonides uses in Hilchot Akum i.3 to assert that Avraham came to certain knowledge of the reality of G-d's existence by contemplating the physical universe.

The midrash is:
Read more...Collapse )

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